Metodi Hristov - OMG (Original Mix)

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Beatport: Hristov - OMG EP01 Metodi Hristov - OMG (Original Mix) 02 Metodi Hristov - Over (Original Mix) 03 Metodi Hristov - Entropy (Original Mix) 04 Metodi Hristov - Grab For Ya (Original Mix) 05 Metodi Hristov & Pavel Petrov - Pretty Face (Original Mix) We can say that Metodi is one of our current favourite kitties. Although he is a Bulgarian producer living in Sofia he has managed to make a straight connection with Suara's sound and philosophy. He has released a few tracks on Suara and always with a great feedback. Now he is back with his first full EP! OMG contains five tracks of pure, pure and pure Tech-House. We cannot decide for the best cut because, oh lord, all five contain massive kilograms of Suara's sound! Oh My God... What an EP!Artwork by GaAsMastering by

Год: 2012
Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:06:32
Автор: Suara Music



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