Cocolores - Take Your Shirt Off (Compost Black Label #97)

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This track is taken from: Cocolores - Compost Black Label #97Releasedate: March 22nd 2013Cat.-No: CPT416-1ISRC: DE-M09-13-00029Track written and produced by Jason Nosratian, Manuel Ries (Cocolores) Buy @ Beatport: based duo Cocolores also known as "The Return Of Nouveau Bavaria" strikes back with a wonderful and stylish UK touched tune on the A side and a moody 808 bassline at the B side which will definitely fit in your next top-notch house playlist.Cocolores comprises Jason Heath and Manuel Garay, two talented youngsters from Munich half based in London. As Berlin Label Exploited's latest signing, they combine, at the age of 21 and 22, good looks & style, not to mention talent.Getting love from global runners like Maja Jane Coles, Luciano, Joakim, Ewan Pearson, Trickski and many more, for their debut EP "Heart Quest" which is a blend of 90′s house, with a delectable tinge of urban funkiness, Cocolores continued with their second EP on Exploited called "Vox"."A peaktime dancefloor weapon that pays homage to traditional house vibes and yet has a fresh sound of today"(Magnetic Magazine). Inspired by Mathieu Kassovitzs classic "La Haine" released in 1995, the duo tried to recreate that atmosphere of empty urban places and focuse on an aesthetic screenplay ( The whole project became a huge success. Trendy Blogs like XLR8R quoted the video as "an anxious document of German deep house" or even Germanys Groove Magazine wrote:"...the clip conveys a mindblowing cinematic flair...". On top of that, the infamous french TV channel Ofive TV is already playing it out.Summer 2012, Cocolores released their 3rd EP which was a Remix EP from their Debut. In addition to Berlin's finest duo "Trickski" signed on Suol they convinced Techno and Deep House Mastermind Deetron to remix "Heart Quest". Being played out on BBC Radio 1 by Duke Dumont, Deetron's Remix for Heart Quest is still the 8th best selled Track from Deetron on Beatport.After touring all over Europe, playing in spots like Watergate in Berlin, Social Club in Paris, or beloved Bob Beaman Club in Munich as well as on Festivals like Sonar in Barcelona or Springfestival in Graz, the duo keeps fascinating crowds all over the world with their unique and outstanding taste of music.Having planned a second Video, Cocolores are definitely the ones to watch with their upcoming Release on Compost Black Label.The artwork is made by young talented graphic designer Paul Putzar based in Munich.(

Теги: Cocolores
Год: 2013
Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:07:21
Автор: compostrecords



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