The Hardkiss -- Under The Sun

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"Shadows Of Time"Shadows of time are comingShadows of time arise from the corners of my mindOver and over watchingOver and over searching for those hearts that are blindIn the nighthiding in the nightlaying here by your sideLying about the lieFighting with myselfHiding from myselfRunning to your armsDying in your armsComing back to lifeKnocking at doors and windowsHiding in silky pillowsThey're coming through the yearsYou should just hold me tightlyYou should be close and quietly protect me from my fearsphoto- Olga Nepravdastyle & make-up- Slava Chaikahair- Vitalik Datsuk

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:03:39
Автор: Vasya Domchenko



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